Founding Statement

Human cloning is human asexual reproduction. It may be accomplished by introducing the nuclear material from one or more human somatic cells into a fertilized or unfertilized egg cell whose nuclear material has been removed or inactivated to produce a human embryo who is virtually genetically identical to an existing or previously existing human being. This method is called somatic cell nuclear transfer. Other methods of cloning, such as parthenogenesis, also exist. Regardless of whether the embryo is subsequently implanted into a woman and reaches the point of live birth or is destroyed for experimentation or research, human cloning has occurred.

The Americans to Ban Cloning (ABC) coalition promotes a global ban on human cloning for any purpose.

Human cloning must be banned because:

  • Human cloning represents the commodification and possible commercialization of human life.

  • Human cloning would create a class of human beings who exist not as ends in themselves, but as the means to achieve the ends of others.

  • A ban on cloning as a means of producing live born human beings will prove to be unenforceable unless it also bans cloning for any other purpose — including the use of cloning to produce human embryos as sources of stem cells or for other experimentation. Referring to this latter use of cloning as “therapeutic cloning” is prejudicial and misleading, since it has not been shown that cloning is necessary for or useful in the production of human therapies.

  • ┬áHuman cloning is exploitative human experimentation, posing unnecessary dangers to the life and health of both child and mother.

  • Human cloning upsets the social order by confounding the meaning of parenthood and confusing the identity and kinship relations of any cloned child.

  • Human beings have a right not to be created as objects of experimentation.

  • Human cloning can lead to the reproduction of living or deceased persons without their knowledge or involvement.

  • Human cloning is an affront to the inherent dignity and individuality of human life.

  • Human cloning would be a gateway technology for the further genetic manipulation and control of human beings.

  • Human cloning misleads those grieving the loss of a spouse, friend, or relative by promising what it cannot deliver, the bringing back of a deceased loved one.

This gross misuse of cloning technology should be banned in the United States, and other nations should be encouraged to enact similar bans.


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