“Americans Still Not Fooled, Still Oppose Cloning”

Date: 04/23/2002

Despite the best efforts of Cloning advocates, polls continue to show that Americans are strongly opposed to human cloning for any reason.  Stop Human Cloning’s newly released survey – conducted by the Polling Company – reaffirms that Americans overwhelmingly support a comprehensive ban on both “reproductive” cloning and cloning that creates human embryos for medical research:

Question:  “Just last week, President Bush stated that he is opposed to both reproductive cloning, that is cloning with the goal of creating a child, and research cloning, which involves the creation of cloned human embryos for the purpose of destroying them to retrieve stem cells from the embryos for medical experiments.” 

Would you say that you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree or strongly disagree with the President’s statement?

The overall high level of support for the President’s statement is both high (63%), and intense (48% “strongly” agree).  With the exception of singles with household earnings over $50K per year, all demographic groups are more likely to agree than disagree.