Human Cloning by Any Other Name is Still Human Cloning

Date: 03/21/2002

1. Experimental Cloning,
2. Reproductive Cloning,
3. Therapeutic Cloning,
4. Nuclear Transplantation,
5. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer,
6. Nuclear Transplantation to Produce Stem Cells,
7. DNA-regenerative Medicine,
8. ——————————-
9. ——————————-

Proponents of human cloning are trying to convince the public that there are different types of human cloning depending on what the researcher intends to do with the clone.  They say that cloning with the intent to kill the clone before implantation is desirable because that is done for scientific research and treatment and not with the intention to bring the clone to birth.  This is a distinction without a difference.  Human cloning creates a human, no matter what the researcher intends to do with it at the moment they manufacture that human. Human cloning is human cloning and should be opposed no matter what dehumanizing term is added to this list to describe a human clone.