Proof of ‘Therapeutic’ Cloning?

Date: 06/06/2002

Researchers at Advanced Cell Technology are reporting that they have successfully transplanted into cows differentiated tissues taken from 6-8 week old cloned cow fetuses.

So is this the proof that “therapeutic” cloning can work, as has been reported?

The lead researcher on the project can’t seem to make up his mind:

“These results bode well for the future of human therapeutic cloning” said Robert Lanza, Vice President of Medical and Scientific Development at ACT, and lead author of the of the study… “Before now, therapeutic cloning as a means of preventing rejection was criticized by some as being purely theoretical —just an idea.”
— Researchers Report First Evidence that Nuclear Transplantation (‘Therapeutic Cloning’) Can Eliminate Tissue Rejection.” ACT Press Release, 6/2/02

“Because cloned cells were derived from early-stage fetuses, this approach is not an example of therapeutic cloning and would not be undertaken in humans (emphasis added).”
— Robert Lanza et al.; “Generation of histocompatible tissue using nuclear transplantation,” Nature Biotechnology, Advance Online Publication, 6/3/02