Christian Coalition of America

Christian Coalition of America Delivers Over 200,000 Signatures Petitioning Congress to Enact a Human Cloning Ban

Date: 12/12/2001

December 12, 2001

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Christian Coalition of America’s President, Roberta Combs, personally delivered to Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas, the lead Senate sponsor of a human cloning ban, the first signatures to a petition urging the U.S. Congress to ban “the creation of human embryos by cloning.” Ms. Combs delivered the signatures of more than 200,000 grassroots citizens. “These 200,000 signatures are just the beginning,” said Ms. Combs.

In a letter that accompanied the petition signatures, Ms. Combs wrote to Senator Brownback, “It is not an understatement to say that for every one of the over 200,000 signatures to this petition, there are untold number of other grassroots citizens who would equally urge you to do the same if they had been given the opportunity to sign the petition.” She commended Senator Brownback for his leadership on behalf of enacting a human cloning ban and urged him to press forward in his efforts. “The success of your efforts is not only a matter of grave importance to these petitioners, but your success literally may affect humanity as a whole,” Ms. Combs told the Senator.

The United States House of Representatives passed a total ban on human cloning in July by an overwhelming vote of 265 votes, with 63 Democratic Members voting for it. The Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2001 prevents any person or entity from performing or participating in, or attempting to perform human cloning. The House of Representatives had to first defeat a substitute amendment by Rep. Jim Greenwood of Pennsylvania. The Greenwood amendment allowed for the cloning of human embryos so long as they are not implanted in a woman’s womb where they could grow into a full human being — this is a clone-and-kill approach. The Greenwood approach would allow for the mass production of cloned human embryos for manipulation and experimentation for however long the current or future state-of-the-art science can sustain the cloned embryo.

A June 2001 poll conducted by International Communications Research found that 86% of Americans oppose the cloning of human life for purposes of performing destructive research.