Vatican Information Service

Holy See Condemns In Vitro Cloning of Human Embryo

Date: 11/26/2001

November 26, 2001

VATICAN CITY, NOV 26, 2001 (VIS) – In response to the article published by the researchers of Advanced Cell Technology in “The Journal of Regenerative Medicine” that announced the in vitro production of a human embryo, the Holy See Press Office released a communique this afternoon that states, in part: “The (Journal) article shows in all its dramatic nature the gravity of the event that has been realized: the in vitro production of a human embryo, as a matter of fact, several embryos, that have been developed, respectively, to the stage of two, four and six cells.”

“Notwithstanding the declared ‘humanistic’ intentions of those who announce amazing healings through this method,” the communique affirms, “a calm but firm evaluation is necessary that will show the moral gravity of this project and motivate its unequivocal condemnation.”