Christian Legal Society

Christian Legal Society Asks the U.S. Senate to Act on an Historic Opportunity to Prevent Human Cloning

Date: 07/11/2002

July 11, 2002 WASHINGTON – This morning the President’s Council on Bioethics recommended passage of a ban on cloning to …

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Christian Lawyers Applaud President and Senator Frist for Their Call to the Senate to Vote In Favor of the Brownback-Landrieu Bill (S. 1899) to Comprehensively Ban All Human Cloning

Date: 04/10/2002

April 10, 2002 WASHINGTON, D.C.–Christian Legal Society (CLS) will stand with Americans to Ban Cloning ( at a briefing this …

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Christian Legal Society Condemns the First Reported Cloning of Human Embryos

Date: 11/26/2001

November 26, 2001 The Journal of Regenerative Medicine published yesterday the first reported successful cloning of a human embryo. Questions …

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