Susan B. Anthony List

The Susan B. Anthony List Urges Its Members To Contact The Senate and Demand Human Cloning Be Stopped

Date: 11/26/2001

November 26, 2001

Alexandria, VA- The Susan B. Anthony List is urging its members to contact their Senators and demand that human cloning be stopped.  This action is in response to the recent announcement that Advanced Cell Technology in Massachusetts has cloned a human embryo.

This past summer, the United States House of Representatives passed an outright ban on all human cloning in a bipartisan vote of 265-162.  The United States Senate has not yet acted on the issue.

“We are urging our thousands of members nationwide to contact their U.S. Senator and demand that human cloning be outlawed.  The Senate must act quickly and follow the lead of the House, so that this gruesome experimentation is stopped,” said Andrea Bottner, Congressional Liaison for the Susan B. Anthony List.

“It is frightening to think there are people out there who would create human life, simply to destroy it.  Though they claim this cloning would not lead to the cloning of fully developed human beings, how could it not?  Once we start down such a life-demeaning and destructive path, it would be impossible to turn back,” continued Ms. Bottner.

The Susan B. Anthony List is an organization that defends the tiniest among us, the unborn.  A human embryo is a very small human being and deserves the respect and protection that should be given to all human life.

Susan B. Anthony List is a not-for-profit membership organization with a connected political action committee (SBA List Candidate Fund) dedicated to training pro-life activists and candidates, advocating the passage of pro-life legislation in Congress, working to dispel the myths about abortion, and increasing the percentage of pro-life women in Congress.