Christian Medical Association

Adult Stem Cells Can Save Lives Without Sacrificing Lives

Date: 03/05/2002

March 5, 2002

Washington, DC, — Human research cloning advocates at a Senate hearing today pushed for laws allowing the cloning and destruction of human embryos for their stem cells. However, the nation’s largest faith-based physicians’ organization contends that the ethical alternative of adult stem cell research provides the best hope for saving lives. Christian Medical Association ( Executive Director David Stevens, MD observed, “Scientific breakthroughs in adult stem cell research have proven that we can save lives without sacrificing lives. Adult stem cell research at the University of Minnesota, for example, recently revealed what is described as possibly the ‘most important cell ever discovered.’ That research shows that contrary to the tireless assertions of embryonic stem cell research advocates, adult stem cells can actually turn into every single tissue in the body.

“Adult stem cells are already saving the lives of patients, with even more therapeutic applications on the way,” Dr. Stevens added. “As many had rightly predicted, adult stem cells are proving to be the avenues to providing real cures for real people.

“One might wonder why some researchers and advocacy groups continue to push the increasingly discredited theory of embryonic stem cell superiority. The mystery becomes clearer when one realizes that these ‘experts’ have gone out on a limb predicting incredible therapies, with none to show to date. Their employers and sponsors have also gone out on a financial limb by unwisely wrapping venture capital around embryonic stem cells. If they’re looking for a stock market return, they’d better cut their losses and invest where the real action is — in adult stem cells.”

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