Position Statement on Human Cloning – American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Date: 03/04/2002

The membership of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) considers it unethical to attempt the cloning of human beings, or to create human embryos via cloning, for any purpose.

We believe that a new human life normally begins at conception with the union of an egg from a women and a sperm from a man in the formation of a human zygote. The creation of a human zygote, a young human being who is virtually genetically identical to an existing or previously existing human being, by asexual reproduction, through the introduction of nuclear material from a human somatic cell into a human oocyte (egg) whose nuclear material has been removed or inactivated, is immoral. Whether the human embryo created by cloning is subsequently transferred into the uterus of a woman; grown in an artificial womb; reaches the point of live birth; or is destroyed for, or through, experimentation or research, the immorality of the act of human cloning per se is not mitigated.

Further, the phrase “therapeutic cloning” is without scientific merit, is prejudicial, and is misleading, since no studies have demonstrated that human cloning is necessary for the advancement of medicine or the therapy of human disease. Regardless of the terminology used to describe the act, cloning in any form is an affront to individual human dignity.

We believe human cloning involves the following evils:

– Human cloning relegates some human beings to the status of merchandise and leads to a cheapening and commercialization of human life.
– Human cloning creates a new class of human beings who exist not as ends in themselves, but as the means to achieve the ends of others.
– So called “reproductive” human cloning is exploitative human experimentation, posing unnecessary danger to the life and health of both mother and child.
– Human cloning perverts the social order, by confounding the significance of parenthood, confusing identity and obscuring kinship relations.
– Human cloning would foster the reproduction of living or dead persons without their knowledge, involvement, or fully informed consent.
– Human cloning denigrates the dignity, uniqueness, and sanctity of human life.
– Human cloning represents a form of genetic manipulation and control of human beings.
– The enthusiasm surrounding human cloning may deceive those who grieve the loss of a spouse, relative or friend by falsely intimating that science is able to perform the impossible: returning their loved one from the dead.

For these reasons, and believing that human beings have a fundamental moral and civil right not to be treated as objects or means to an end, AAPLOG urges a ban on human cloning. However, we believe a ban on human cloning will be thoroughly unenforceable unless it bans cloning for all purposes–including the use of cloning to produce human embryos as a source of stem cells or for research. Therefore, we support a ban on all forms and methods of human cloning in the United States and a global ban on human cloning for any purpose.