Those Pesky Details…

Date: 04/30/2002

Today, Senator Arlen Specter was asked by a reporter, within the context human cloning, when life begins. Senator Specter said, “I haven’t found it helpful to get into the details.”


When America is dealing with the troubling prospect of creating human life for the sole purpose of destroying it in scientific research – based on speculative claims – SHOULDN’T the Senate be getting “into the details?”

We suggest a few that might be useful:

The entity created through research cloning – called SCNT by cloning advocates – is a living human embryo.

The requisite destruction of living human embryos runs counter to U.S. legal tradition.

There have been NO therapies or treatments generated with embryonic stem cells, while adult stem cells have yielded dozens of treatments currently helping actual human patients.

More than three out of four Americans “oppose scientific experimentation on the cloning of human beings.” (Survey conducted by Pew Research Center, April 9, 2002).

And one more detail….

Not even one year ago, Senator Specter said, “Private companies are creating embryos specifically for stem cells, and I think that’s a very bad idea…. I’m not saying we ought to create embryos for scientific purposes, which gets on the path of cloning.” (The Edge, Fox News, June 21, 2001)

Small wonder that Senator Specter and other cloning advocates would not find these pesky “details” helpful to their position…