Adult Stem Cells, Embryonic Stem Cells, and Cloning: A Presentation

Date: 01/03/2005

PowerPoint Presentation by David Prentice, PhD. Download presentation as a .pdf here.

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How Cloning Works

Date: 08/18/2004

Fertilization vs. Cloning (somatic cell nuclear transfer)

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Presentation for U.S. House Members and Staff on “The Science of Human Cloning”

Date: 02/05/2003

PowerPoint presentation for U.S. House Members and Staff on “The Science of Human Cloning” by David A. Prentice, PhD. (PDF)

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Why “Successful” Mouse “Therapeutic” Cloning Really Didn’t Work

Date: 09/13/2002

So-called “therapeutic” cloning is proposed for producing genetically matched tissues for transplant by creating a cloned embryo of the patient …

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Alternatives to Embryo Research: An Update

Date: 08/30/2002

PowerPoint Presentation delivered by David A. Prentice, PhD in August 2002. (PDF)

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Parkinson’s Treatment Using ESCs Still Lags Behind Adult Stem Cell Progress

Date: 06/24/2002

In addition to publishing Dr. Catherine Verfaillie’s research proving the pluripotency of adult stem cells, the current issue of Nature …

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Peer-Reviewed Study Proves: Adult Stem Cell Can Become Any Tissue Type

Date: 06/20/2002

Researchers at the University of Minnesota, led by Dr. Catherine Verfaillie, have proved the ability of an adult bone marrow …

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Adult Skin Cells Reprogrammed Without Cloning

Date: 06/19/2002

A team of scientists from Norway has succeeded in coaxing one type of adult cell to start behaving like a …

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Stem Cells From Cloning Too Defective for Treating Disease

Date: 06/18/2002

Reporting 5/27/02 on a study appearing in the journal Nature Genetics, the Independent of London writes: “Plans to clone human …

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Science Contradicts Senator Feinstein

Date: 06/17/2002

Speaking 6/14/02 on the floor of the Senate, Senator Diane Feinstein said in defense of her legislation to allow human …

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